What are the Client Expectations on Us?

As a client, a lot of the expectations lie with you. Some of the items that you should know and understand include the following:

  • Contact us. We don’t know what’s going on unless you let me know – 24/7 access if needed – use it!
  • 100%. Leadership has to be ‘IN’, and has to be the ones that set the example.
  • Response Time. I will respond within 24 hours – Please do the same with us, all of us.
  • Not an Hourly Measure. Measure the results, not the time we are interacting.
  • May Change. Adapt. We may need to make adjustments to process, each company is different and the process will be adapted to fit your needs.
  • Billing. Invoices are dated for the 1st of each month and due in 15 days. Please ensure timely payments are made.
  • Additional Charges. Books, travel, meals, other programs not included in this agreement (if needed) are not included.
  • Scheduled Calls. Be prepared and on the scheduled calls on time. Rescheduling can be very difficult.
  • Quarterly (& Annual) Planning. Big planning sessions. Schedules are set in stone for all members of the leadership team one year in advance.
  • I will coach you. But you have to run the race. I will be here to guide the process, you and your team have to make it happen.
  • Champion. One person must be designated to be the ‘lead’ leader and accountability person for this process.
  • Continual Learning. Key to leadership. It is expected that at least one leader makes every effort to attend at least one summit annually.
  • It’s Your Program. You own it, you define it, you build it, you continue it… I coach.