What Does the Rockefeller Habits Program Get Us?

When you make that decision to implement the program, what exactly can you expect to receive as a result of your invested time and money? – A culture of accountability, purpose and results.

Within a full year on the program, just some of what you can expect to receive includes the following:

  • A completed and continuously up to date One-Page Plan with strategy and executable actions.
  • Your team will be engaged with and participating in – and having fun with the process.
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly huddles/meetings.
    • Quarterly TOP priority and KPI management for the company and for every member of the leadership team.
    • Daily/weekly huddle process that keeps accountability and communication flowing, for every member of the leadership team.
    • A team with a progress plan for the organization, and an understanding of their role within that plan.
  • A deep understanding of the process and ability to continue it ‘on your own’ between quarters.
  • Predictability for your business, the ability to review the past and see the future much more accurately.
  • A culture that has a clear understanding of what it takes to ‘win’.
  • The team will better solve challenges on their own. Leaders will delegate naturally.
  • The process itself along with the team member creates accountability, and no longer rests solely on the shoulders of top management.
  • You will be better at finding the right people, getting them into the right seats and keeping them.
  • A network that you can draw from for expertise (use me for that).
  • ** Plus other ‘add-in’ that we discover along the path that we feel needs attention.
  • You’ll see 2x Cash Flow – 3x Profitability – 8-10x Valuation – and More Time!