What are some of the Process Notes and Points I Should Know Beforehand?

As a client, a few of the process notes and points you should know beforehand include the following:

  • We Drive Results & Accountability.

    Working with key management team members, I will drive the results and accountability to ensure the program becomes a habit within the organization. With this new level of accountability, A-Players within your leadership team will love the process, while others (B or C-Players) may not like certain aspects. With changes, expect challenges.

  • Understanding Your Business.

    Overall, I will spend the time needed to understand the business – people and operations (becoming a member of the team), and find ways that I, Certified Gazelles International Strategic Advisor may improve it overall – then work with the team leaders and team members to execute what is decided.

  • Professional Development & Experience.

    So you don’t have to – I will gather the knowledge needed and condense it down for you and your team. Personal KPI’s include 1) Reading 20+ business books per year, 2) 100+ hours in front of thought leaders in business, 3) 60+ days working with leadership teams of diverse industries and styles (learning best practices from every engagement), 4) Recertification as a Gazelles International Business Coach, and 5) Access to professionals with disciplines in ‘any’ business area need.

  • Commitment.

    I do ask that the organization commit to the program for at least one full year. By doing so, we take a long-term approach in the delivery of the content, ensuring that the entire leadership team embraces the process as one that the organization is committed to staying on track with and holding them accountable for. This allows us to really focus the team on the Rockefeller Habits, the One-Page Plan, the meeting rhythms and the accountability that will become a part of the new way that you run your organization.

  • Money Back Guarantee.

    Given the commitment (above), I do extend two unconditional guarantees: 1) If you are not fully satisfied with your results, you can pay the amount of the invoice that you feel you have received as value to your company. 2) At anytime your organization can opt out of our Agreement with 30 days notice if not fully satisfied with your results (otherwise we are agreeing to an ongoing relationship agreement together).

In the event that you are exceedingly satisfied with your results, I appreciate personal referrals to other organizations or business owners and leaders you feel can benefit from our services. As is my personal values and purpose, I will strive to help you focus on priorities and projects that will help coaching services pay for themselves and provide a strong and measurable ROI for your time and monetary investment. In time, your company should see a minimum ROI of at least 5x, if not 10x, or more.