Four Decisions Assessment – $70

Four Decisions Assessment is an organizational effectiveness tool developed exclusively around the Rockefeller Habits – Four Decisions Framework. The assessment helps executive teams assess the overall performance in a controlled, accurate and effective way by measuring performance in the four (4) key decisions that every company must get right in order to succeed.

As the first part of a more formal process (the Rockefeller Habits Program), the Four Decisions Assessment often serves as a tool in helping you and your strategic advisor determine where energy needs to be focused, where the greatest potential for business improvements lie and where additional business diagnostics may be required to uncover and correct existing issues.

The Four Decisions that every company must get right are:

  • People – Do you have the right people strategy? And is it working?
  • Strategy – Do you have a clear strategy? And is the entire team aligned with it?
  • Execution – How effectively are you executing on your strategy?
  • Cash – Does your company have enough cash to grow?

Each of these dimensions are comprised of ten (10) key performance indicators. These indicators are then combined into a single score to represent the overall performance in each dimension on a 0 to 5 scale.

The Four Decisions Assessment takes approximately 10-15 minutes per person to complete, and can include the results of (up to) 10 team members on one report.

When you order a Four Decisions Assessment, the link will be emailed directly to every member of your management team directly within 24 hours. It will be received via email from Innermetrix. If the email is not received within 24 hours, check the junk email folder. Once the assessment is complete the results will be emailed to you from Andy Buyting. Optional phone call for advice and interpretation of the final report is included in the cost.

Four Decisions Assessments: $70 each.

Four Decisions Assessment – $70


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