The Hiring Right Recruiting System A systemized process to achieve 95% success!

Hiring right is a very difficult challenge for most employers. Business statistics reveal that even seasoned hiring managers can expect a successful hiring rate of only 54%. That is 46% of new hires will fail within 18 months, and technical skills are not the primary reason for failure, a lack of cultural fit is. And with the total cost of a bad hire to an organization estimated to be up to five times their annual salary or wage, it is too costly of an expense not to control!

The systemized process of the Hiring Right Recruiting System (HRRS) uses best practices inspired by cultural interview systems, chronological in-depth interview processes, online personality profiling and others. The process is organized in a manner that is efficient, effective and will ensure success in recruiting top performers.

The Hiring Right Recruiting System is the best process for hiring people with great attitudes, strong skill set and cultural fit. With a hiring success rate reaching 95%, this program saves an enormous amount of time, frustration and the obvious costs associated with employee turnover. The program’s strongest advantage is that successful hiring can be accomplished with very little additional time invested by the hiring manager.

The best teams are made up of the best people. The Hiring Right Recruiting System is the process that will result in a 95% success rate every time!