Creating Clarity of Expectations and Accountabilities

Job Scorecards
Effective Job Scorecards (a twist on the traditional job description) ensure clarity of expectations and accountabilities in every position within the organization. This is a vital first step in the development of an effective recruiting process and will help to ensure successful hires now and in the future.

An effective Scorecard consists of four main points:

  1. The Mission of the position. To clarify exactly why the position exists?
  2. The Outcomes that are expected. Exactly how their productivity will be measured and reviewed.
  3. The Competencies or skill-set that is required to be successful in the specific position.
  4. The Core Values that define the culture of the organization. This will help clarify what behavioral traits are critical to be successful in the position.

By developing effective Job Scorecards for your organization, you will create clarity of three fronts:

  1. Clarity for you as hiring manager to know exactly what type of person you need to look for and hire.
  2. Clarity for your new employee so that they know exactly what is expected of them. Remember, we want to set them up for success!
  3. And clarity for both you (as supervisor) and the employee to know exactly how and what their performance is going to be evaluated against.