Creating a “Shackleton-Type” Job Ad

Ernest Shackleton
Shackleton was an English explorer at the turn of the last century. He wanted to be the first to lead a team across Antarctica. He and his team set out for their journey in 1914. Disaster hit and their ship became wedged in the ice, leaving his team stranded on the bitter cold continent. Three years later, the entire team made their way to safety. In total 28 men started the journey together and 28 men ended their journey together in 1917. This was not luck. Shackleton hired the perfect team. The famous Shackleton ad read…


The problem with most job ads is that they all sound the same. A typical ad will read;

Our company, ABC Corp., is a fast growing industry leader, selling quality goods to our long standing client base. We foster a strong family atmosphere and work together as a team every day. Our excellent benefits package is the best in the business… If you like a challenge, enjoy working with others to produce results, we want to talk to you… Join our family… We love each other… Our offices smell like roses all the time… The sun always shines on our door step… (We never have any bad days…) – etc. etc. etc.

Can you see the problem? The problem is when you have a candidate who applies for this job – interviews for this job – is hired for this job – and then starts a job that is nothing like it! You see, every job has good days and bad days. There are always highs and lows. Why not make your job ad more like Shackleton’s? Why don’t you make it more realistic? Yes – sell them on the high points. But don’t forget to be realistic on the low points.

Our purpose when creating marketing messages for jobs is to both attract the right people, but almost more importantly, to detract the wrong people.

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