People Management

People challenges impact your happiness and can be either a source of energy or an emotional drain. People issues can include conflicts with a partner, a customer with too large a piece of your business, a supplier delaying your success, a key employee or two that’s disrupting the rest of the organization’s effectiveness, or challenges at home. Or you might simply lack enough employees to serve your customers, though I caution executives to avoid tossing employees at the problems.

Until you settle these relationship issues, they’ll continue to consume a tremendous amount of emotional energy, making it difficult to focus on the other three remaining decisions. Focus on getting the right people doing the right things with clear accountabilities and metrics.

Gazelles has a One Page People Tool that will help you sort out these accountabilities and metrics.

As part of building a strong People Management system and culture, your team will discuss, solidify and instill:

  • Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC). Ways to reduce time, eliminate mistakes and change your business model in order to speed up your CCC.
  • Labor Efficiency Ratio. A new way of looking at your financials that will enable your company to better manage gross profits and labor, resulting in stronger profits.