Double Sales / Zero Salespeople

Is your business struggling to meet its growth plans? When your marketing and sales departments have different goals and strategies your company’s revenue growth suffers. Being a specialist in the business development space for years, we’ve seen this disconnect between sales and marketing first-hand. Too often, sales and marketing fail to work together which results in you losing time, money and new clients.

In Double Sales / Zero Salespeople, you will gain valuable insight and learn from our past experiences on how you can automate and optimize your business development strategy. In this book, you will learn:

  • how to build your sales “machine”
  • how to develop your core customer and target them online
  • how to fill your sales funnel with an integrated marketing strategy
  • how to create websites that convert qualified leads automatically
  • how to acquire and onboard new clients

If you want to double your sales, start treating marketing and sales as a uniform business development process. Look at your business with fresh eyes and ask yourself: Am I ready to gain some real momentum with an inbound marketing and sales strategy? Am I ready to stop chasing customers and let my market come to me? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be ready to double sales with zero salespeople.

How to Win Clients & Influence People​

Andy's book

Create Instant Credibility and Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

In How to Win Clients & Influence People, Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO of Tulip Media shares and discusses the Three Pillars of Marketing to help you become THE thought leader in your marketplace – creating an unfair advantage over your competition.

This book teaches readers how to utilize the following three pillars:
1. Digital Marketing – How to easily and effectively leverage online publishing and marketing to keep in contact with your customers and best prospects with high frequency messaging.
2. Print Marketing – The evolution of print marketing and how it adds credibility and longevity for you and your organization.
3. Interactive Marketing – Direct interaction is how you can bring it all together to create a clear call-to-action that results in outcomes for you and your company.

Hear from Our Readers

Shook up my view of marketing
This book was passed along to me and I must say — worth the read. At first I was skeptical as there is a strong focus on print media as a major pillar to a marketing campaign. But, after reading, it is compelling and I feel like I am missing out as I currently focus solely on digital. It is strategies like this that treat marketing holistically that will out maneuver the competition. Thanks for the shakeup. – TriGuy
Great book!
Andy’s book was a great supplement to hearing him speak live and provided us with tools and insights which we could immediately apply to our organization. For those looking to expand their current customer-base or even just broaden their Marketing knowledge or social interactions, this book is a great read. Thanks Andy! – RCS Professional Services