How to Win Clients & Influence People​

Andy's book

Create Instant Credibility and Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

In How to Win Clients & Influence People, Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO of Tulip Media shares and discusses the Three Pillars of Marketing to help you become THE thought leader in your marketplace – creating an unfair advantage over your competition.

This book teaches readers how to utilize the following three pillars:
1. Digital Marketing – How to easily and effectively leverage online publishing and marketing to keep in contact with your customers and best prospects with high frequency messaging.
2. Print Marketing – The evolution of print marketing and how it adds credibility and longevity for you and your organization.
3. Interactive Marketing – Direct interaction is how you can bring it all together to create a clear call-to-action that results in outcomes for you and your company.

Hear from Our Readers

Shook up my view of marketing
This book was passed along to me and I must say — worth the read. At first I was skeptical as there is a strong focus on print media as a major pillar to a marketing campaign. But, after reading, it is compelling and I feel like I am missing out as I currently focus solely on digital. It is strategies like this that treat marketing holistically that will out maneuver the competition. Thanks for the shakeup. – TriGuy
Great book!
Andy’s book was a great supplement to hearing him speak live and provided us with tools and insights which we could immediately apply to our organization. For those looking to expand their current customer-base or even just broaden their Marketing knowledge or social interactions, this book is a great read. Thanks Andy! – RCS Professional Services